Millwood Overhauls Graham Pallet, Follows Unconventional Expansion Plans
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Millwood Pursues Unit Load Management and Vertical Integration Strategies
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Graham Pallet

Graham Pallet, a Millwood pallet company, has been serving customers in the Southeastern United States, including Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Illinois, Georgia, Mississippi and Louisiana, since 1960.

With state-of-the-art pallet production equipment and the capacity to produce nearly 500,000 board feet of lumber per month, Graham Pallet merges the highest quality product with outstanding customer service and dependability. The Tompkinsville, Kentucky location supports Millwood's regional sales team based in Nashville.

Millwood Inc.

In addition to two-way, four-way and block style pallets, our pallet company offers:

  • Specialty Pallets: Graham can manufacture to any customer specification, including a wide variety of non-standard pallet designs.
  • Heat treating: Graham is certified to heat treat pallets to meet ISPM-15 guidelines for the export of solid wood packaging and has the capacity to heat treat 100% of its production.
  • Design: Graham uses the Pallet Design System from NWPCA and Cape Pack, the load design software system from Cape Systems (, to custom design pallets and unit loads that optimize the performance of our customers' unit loads during shipment while minimizing packaging costs.

Pallet company Graham Pallet is a member of the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association (NWPCA) and the Kentucky Forest Industries Association (KFIA).

To contact a Graham Pallet representative, please call 1-888-525-0694 or e-mail customer service HERE


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