Sustainable Environmental Solutions

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Oil and gas companies and construction, utility, excavation and transmission industries can be productive and minimize the impact of their projects on the environment by using environmental containment products from Millwood Natural.

Our Products

environmental containment products, dragline mats, bridge matsOur high-quality, environmental containment products are made of all natural, recyclable or renewable components, allowing field companies to preserve the natural surroundings while building their sites.

  • Compost Filter Socks: Our compost filter socks are produced at our Vienna, OH location and comprised of only U.S. Composting Council approved wood chips. 

  • Hardwood Stakes: Made from hardwood and available in 24", 36" and 48" sizes, Millwood Natural's containment stakes are made specifically for holding and positioning erosion control products or survey stakes.

  • Bridge & Crane Mats: Produced in southern Ohio, where we have multiple inventory yards, our crane mats are reliable, quick to setup and highly effective as a level base for equipment and work surfaces.

  • Laminated Mats: These construction 3-ply mats are useful with lighter loads, as they weigh less than hardwood timber mats and have greater maneuverability.

  • Pipeline Skids: Made from Appalachian hardwoods and ideal for use in transportation or storage, these wood skids can be custom-built to meet any load requirements.
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erosion control products, dragline mats, containment stakes, fencing
erosion control products, dragline mats, containment stakes, fencing, silt socks