Environmental Containment Stakes

On your next large project, look to Millwood Natural environmental containment stakes for your silt fence stake needs. Our containment stakes are made with solid hardwood lumber that will last long and endure in harsh weather conditions. 

Every Millwood Natural product is made of all natural, recyclable or renewable components that are designed to aid oil and gas drillers in environmental conservation during construction.

Similar in design to garden stakes, these all-purpose, hardwood placement stakes can be used to fortify any structure in or on the ground, such as secondary containment systems or silt fences.
These environmental containment stakes are great to pair with our silt socks, which provide contamination and erosion control. Using stakes will provide additional reinforcement to ensure your silt socks are anchored and reliably doing its job.

The size of your work site usually gives you a good idea of the size stake needed to get the job done. Millwood Natural containment stakes are available in:

  • 24''
  • 36'' 
  • 48''

Additional hardwood stake sizes are available upon request.