Silt Fencing

Silt fences are widely used in the oil, gas and utilities industry, although it can be used in any ground moving project. Silt construction fencing serves as a temporary sediment control device and a tool for erosion and perimeter control. 

The wooden stakes support a synthetic filter fiber. This filters water through the silt fence, but prevents sediment from traveling further. We also offer wire backed fencing. Water quality can be improved by the use of a silt fence, as it protects nearby streams, rivers, lakes and seas from sediment that would wash in through storm water runoff. 

Orange Safety Fencing

Orange construction fencing is one of the most popular ways to contain materials and protect a location while maintaining a clear level of visibility around an area. Primarily used for safety, orange fencing barriers are a great solution for containment and control around work sites with large amounts of debris. This highly visible safety fence is perfect for warning others to avoid an area, and the easy installation makes it simple to remove and reuse. 

Standard safety fencing is available as
  • Plastic
  • 25 lb

Millwood Natural can provide any option your project requires.