Unlike other manufacturers of mesh the CORE Filter Sock mesh does not shrink. You get what you pay for and with CORE you will get a full finished roll on the ground. There is no need to buy 30 percent more mesh than you really need. Get more sock on the ground for less money.

CORE Filter Sock mesh is available in two different material types. Our standard mesh comes in photodegradable multi-filament polypropylene. We also offer our CORE Bio Mesh which is our 100 percent biodegradable cotton mesh.


We know that all job sites offer different types of challenges and require different types of BMPs. With several strengths available, there is a CORE Filter Sock that is right for your job site. Our CORE Max mesh is great for areas that require a filter sock to be moved on a regular basis. Projects that require filter sock to be installed around the perimeter which will stay in place with minimal disturbance will use the CORE Original sock.

Strengths Available:

Core Original

(420 Denier) CORE Original is our standard 420 denier mesh. Even though this is our standard mesh, it is still tough enough to be used for making pallets or being blown in place on job sites.

Core Plus

(600 Denier) CORE Plus is a stronger version of our standard mesh. This 600 denier mesh is tough enough to stand up to most job site abuses.

Core Max

(840 Denier) CORE Max is the strongest of the three. The 840 denier mesh is the thickest we make. It was designed to be durable enough to be moved around on job sites and still maintain it's integrity.



CORE Bio Mesh is designed to be completely biodegradable and left on the project site. This means that the compost sock does not need to be removed, saving time and money. Fully biodegradable sock can also be designed as a long term erosion control on slopes to reduce erosion while vegetation is establishing on the slopes. Once the vegetation is established the socks will remain and continue to provide long term erosion control. The use of CORE Bio Mesh socks, blankets, native vegetation and other biodegradable BMPs will help create sustainable site solutions.

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