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New, Used and Alternative Wood Pallets from Millwood

Pallets are at the heart of what Millwood does. We produce nearly 16 million new and recycled hardwood, softwood and composite material pallets each year. Our unique capabilities allow us to support small accounts ordering a truckload of pallets as well as large National Accounts. With National and Regional sales teams, Millwood can provide on-site customer support.

With more than 40 years of providing new and recycled wood pallets, Millwood understands that customers demand more than uniform products and on-time deliveries from their suppliers.

They also expect competitive pricing, the ability to order by phone, fax or internet, timely order information and accurate shipping and billing procedures. Millwood delivers on each of those expectations. And, with a systems-based approach to improving quality and reducing costs, Millwood shipping pallets are part of a complete unit load package. Our capabilities include:

Service and Supply

Millwood LocationsWith 26 strategically-located sawmills and production facilities and 1.5 million square feet of manufacturing and distribution space, Millwood controls its supply chain from the forest to the finished pallet. Boasting some of the most modern new and used pallet production facilities in the country, we process more than 80 million board feet a year of hardwood and softwood lumber. Additionally, the specialists on our North American lumber sourcing and logistics team purchase additional lumber products to meet the needs of our customer.

In addition, Millwood has strategic partnerships with over 100 additional wood pallet and lumber manufacturing facilities throughout the U.S.


Sustainable and responsible sourcing is top of mind in corporate boardrooms and procurement departments. With roots in the wood products industry, Millwood has been sustainable by design for more than four decades. Not only is lumber a renewable resource, we recycle our wood waste into wood composite materials, biofuels, landscape products and animal bedding.

Today, we collaborate with our customers to develop sustainable products and services that further their corporate sustainability goals, including:

  • Unit loads that optimize performance and minimize the amount of industrial packaging on the load.
  • Pallet management and packaging materials recycling programs that reduce the amount of material going to the landfill.

For more information about our shipping pallets, please e-mail a Millwood customer service representative, or us or call us at 1-877-891-9663.


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