Our Brands

Millwood, Inc. owns a portfolio of brands whose roles and relationships support the growth to achieve our enterprise goals. The Millwood brand is the umbrella that shelters all other brands in the portfolio.

 Millwood Natural

Millwood Natural is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Millwood, Inc. that supplies products that support responsible environmental solutions in construction industries.

Millwood Natural

Millwood Forestry and Land is a separate entity from Millwood, buying timber in the southern Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee areas. 

Liberty Technologies

Liberty Technologies is the leading brand of our engineered products, both packaging materials and systems. The Liberty Technologies company was purchased by Millwood in 2007 and later transitioned into a leading product brand.

Millwood Logistics

At Millwood, we provide your logistic services for any of your shipment needs - whether you are buying from us or another source.


Let us test your product(s) at our very own state-of-the-art, ISTA certified lab where we believe the solution is behind the science. 


PalletView is our proprietary asset management software that allows customer to track their inventory of packaging goods from one location to the next.