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Shipping Airbags

Shipping airbags are the most economical and reliable means of securing your product during shipment, whether by truck, rail, sea container, or ship vessel. Our shipping airbags secure shipments by reducing load movement that occurs during transport, resulting in damage-free loads.

Why Risk Product Damage?

Millwood offers a full line of dunnage airbags and other methods to secure every mode of transportation, reducing the costs of damaged products and optimizing your customers' satisfaction. We continue to introduce new and innovative products designed to meet the shipping needs of today and tomorrow. 

Zebra Shipping Airbags

  • Patented Zebra stripes help to ensure this bag is properly inserted and matches specific void
  • Double-end folds (DEF) airbag seams are glued
  • Zebra is inexpensive damage prevention, AAR verified and reusable and recycled
dunnage shipping airbags protecting products on wooden pallets

Gorilla Shipping Airbags

  • Tremendous Load Force
  • Extremely durable woven polypropylene outer shell with polyethylene protective barrier
  • Reusable and recyclable, moisture resistant, AAR verified, when rigid giving you more than elasticity
products being shipped on wooden pallets with dunnage shipping airbags

Big Foot Shipping Airbags

  • Provides big footprint even in the largest of voids
  • Pliable and adheres to the product while taking shape to odd configurations without damaging the boxes
  • Elasticity enables the dunnage airbag to expand and contract with the change in altitude, virtually eliminating failure in over-the-mountain shipments.
dunnage shipping airbags preventing damage to products on wood pallets