Machine Stretch Film

machine-wrapTo achieve maximum consistency, speed and stability in palletization processes, combine automated systems with machine stretch film. When combined with a stretch wrapping machine, machine wrap stretch film is applied to the load using the specific parameters set by the operator for consistent results load after load. Load retention is improved thanks to application optimization.

Machine Stretch Film Advantages:

  • Excellent load stability
  • Increased film utilization through high pre-stretch
  • Consistent performance
  • Speed of application
  • Integrates with automated palletization systems

Machine Stretch Film Sizing:

  • Weight: 25-60 pounds
  • Length: 3,000 – 11,000 feet
  • Gauge: 35+
  • Width: 20 – 30 inches

Available in Two Fabrication Types: Blown or Cast Stretch Film

  • Cast - Created by continuously feeding a polymer through a straight die and usually less expensive than alternatives due to lower production costs. A higher level of film clarity is another advantage to this fabrication.
  • Blown - Fabricated by pumping polymer through a circular die and then inflating it, boasts high load and stretch capacity. Additionally, blown film has a higher tear resistance making it ideal for wrapping loads containing sharp edges and corners.