Our Pillars

Millwood was founded on four pillars to demonstrate our commitment and responsibility to God, our customers, team members, suppliers and shareholders. It is our intent to diligently preserve this foundation in all that we do and that all who come in contact with Millwood, Inc. would clearly see the love of Christ in all we do. The pillars help keep our mind, body and faith strong as we facilitate Millwood's far-reaching endeavors and charitable giving. 

Our Pillars


To exhibit trust in our interactions with customers, suppliers and one another. But, above all, to trust in God for guidance. By doing so, we'll earn trust which is the assured reliance of doing the right thing.


To forge a work environment where serving others always takes precedence. An attitude of selflessness becomes a way of life. Success has nothing to do with the things we accomplish in life. True success is measured by how we serve others.


To develop our team members to have value and pride in all that they do. And, to help them grow as good stewards in business, family and community. It is a standard for us to extend into the future.


To always do what is right without regard to difficulty or convenience. Our character and, ultimately, our success will be based upon our integrity, fairness and honesty.

Our pillars serve our purpose, actions and results. They ensure that our team members, products and services are better prepared to capture and maximize the opportunities we choose to pursue. They confirm that the tools and people wanted for spiritual, personal and business growth are provided and available when needed. With our Pillars, we'll reward desired outcome while learning from our failures.

Thank you for allowing us to share in our mission. All of us at Millwood look to continue serving you in a friendly and professional manner as we pursue our path forward.

Millwood, Inc. was established to internationally market, engineer, manufacture and service diversified industrial packaging and material handling products to the benefit of our customers and suppliers, our employees, our industry and our community. We conduct business based on honesty, high ethical standards and fair business practices. We will never knowingly give our customers less than our very best effort.