Gorilla Airbags

gorilla airbags, dunnage airbags, shipping airbags, prevent product damage When transporting products by land, sea or air, movement can occur. Even if the proper packaging methods are sought ahead of time, products can still move around and become damaged without the necessary shipping materials, like shipping airbags. With large, heavy loads, Gorilla airbags can be the perfect solution for decreasing load damage during transport. Gorilla airbags are extremely durable and can handle a massive load force, contrary to other types of shipping airbags. From the moment the products leave the warehouse to the moment they’re loaded off the truck, gorilla airbags help keep them in great condition.

Not only is proper shipment important to ensure the customer receives a high-quality product, it’s also important for the manufacturer. Profitability depends on the condition of your product, and oftentimes damaged products become unsaleable. Using gorilla airbags for transferring your goods can help prevent this unwanted consequence. Gorilla airbags have numerous benefits, including:

  • Reliability – Tremendous load force
  • Durability – Extremely durable woven polypropylene outer shell with polyethylene protective barrier
  • Long Lasting & Environmentally Friendly – Reusable and recyclable, moisture resistant, AAR verified, when rigid means more than elasticity

Millwood, Inc. is proud to have years of experience delivering high-quality shipping airbags to a variety of customers. We strive to continually meet the ever-changing needs of our customers by delivering convenient, cost-effective solutions. Whether your business would benefit from gorilla airbags or another type of shipping airbag, we will work with you to meet your needs.

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