Pallet Shrink Film

The pallet shrink film and shrink bags offered by Millwood, Inc. provide five-sided protection to your unit load. This is optimal for loads that are heavy or stored outside, such as rolled roofing and shingles. Pallet shrink wrap can cover all of your pallet wrap needs. Compared to stretch film, pallet shrink wrap is more expensive due to the heat application, but its other cost-cutting features make it an economical purchase.

Also, shrink film is the ideal choice for neat and uniform loads that require load unitization and maximum protection. Its advantages include:

  • Provides 5-sided coverage
  • Saves additional storage space
  • Makes packaging tamper evident
  • Optimizes use of floor space
  • Offers protection from dirt and dust

Made from polymer plastic film, our plastic shrink wrap is useful and convenient for many industrial uses. After heat application, it can stretch to cover a load of any shape or size with durability and ease. Shrink film is the pallet wrap that brings together efficiency, simplicity and long-term savings.