Shrink Wrap Systems

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A shrink wrap system uses a heat shrink bag or sheeting to provide a protective layer of plastic around your product and pallet to protect from damage during shipment or outdoor storage.

Shrink wrapping unitizes a load-forming and tight seal around the product providing superior load to pallet integrity that is protective and waterproof. Shrink wrapping systems have several benefits:

  • Creates waterproof barrier around your load
  • Five (5) sided coverage
  • UV protection
  • Creates a tamper-evident seal
  • Can form around odd shapes easily
  • Protective for light and heavy loads
  • Shrink wrap material can be branded with logos, taglines and other verbiage needs for brand unity
  • Shrink wrap material can be clear, opaque or colored

Types of Shrink Wrapping Systems

Single Turntable Shrink Wrap System

Single Turntable Shrink SystemThe single turntable shrink wrap system is designed with a high-profile turntable, making it ideal for loading and unloading with a forklift. The system itself is simple; pallet loads are placed on the turntable, and a shrink wrap bag is placed over the top. The turntable makes one 360 degree turn as heat is applied by the tower, shrinking the bag around the entirety of the pallet load.

Watch the video to see it in action!

Dual Turntable Shrink WrapSystem

Dual Turntable Shrink SystemThe dual turntable shrink wrap system is made for higher process rates in the packaging operations that need to be agile and fast. Turntable A rotates the pallet load while the center tower heats and shrinks the bag over the load. During this process, the next load is placed on turntable B. Once the load on turntable A is shrunk, the center tower rotates and heats the other pallet load, letting your workers load the other turntable and maintain dual efficiency.

Watch the video to see it in action!

Dual Column Shrink Wrap System

Dual Column Shrink SystemThe dual column shrink wrap system is a conveyorized option for shrink wrapping, specializing in extra wide and long-length loads. The load is placed on an in-feed conveyor and transferred by a process conveyor between the dual shrink towers and then transferred to an exit conveyor for unloading. 

This automated process provides efficiencies with higher process rates and versatility with different size product loads.

Why Liberty?

  • Compact footprint that maximizes your floor space
  • Instant on/off feature provides low energy consumption
  • Runs off propane or natural gas
  • Simply put, our systems are affordable and include features of high-end systems 
  • Systems are designed and engineered for easy service and maintenance
  • The Millwood ISTA certified test lab allows us to test our systems with your load prior to shipment