Ergonomic Load Handling Equipment

Recent studies have shown that one of the major issues in warehouses and distribution centers is the ability to recruit and retain workers, especially in areas where there is a high level of manual handling operations.

A major contributor to this issue is the amount of strenuous lifting and handling activities. Additionally, this area also experiences an unusually high amount of lost time accidents, generally back and strain injuries. These injuries are expensive to treat and cause significant amounts of lost-time and productivity. Luckily, we have unit load systems designed to prevent strain and injuries and keep your employees safe. Our ergonomic handling systems product offering includes:

  • Liberty Lifter: For machine feeding, work positioning, assembling, order picking, pallet loading and a wide-variety of other applications, the Liberty Lifter load handling systems are available in many sizes and capacities to lift many sizes and weights of packages.
    Watch now: Liberty Lifter Demo
  • Liberty Air Loader: Keeps loads at a comfortable work height for manual palletizing and is designed for use where pallet loads vary widely and are changed frequently. The airbag provides a virtually linear response. The design allows complete access to all sides of the pallet load and has other features meant to make use as simple as possible.
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  • Liberty Spring Loader: Without needing an air compressor, this product keeps loads at a comfortable work height with just a spring or two. Virtually eliminate lifting, bending, and stretching, the primary causes of back injury. The Liberty Loader system incorporates a turntable to allow nearside loading and calibrated springs position the top layer of the load as pallets are built up and broken down.
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  • Liberty Inverter: Effortlessly replace damaged products and exchange pallets. Liberty Inverter is a fast, safe, economical way to rotate pallet loads. They improve productivity and worker safety by reducing the effort and time to manually unstack and restack loads to replace broken pallets or damaged product and simplifies the exchange of shipping and in‐house pallets or transfer from pallets to slip sheets by rotating the load with ease!
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