Industrial Grade Pallet Lumber

lumber-croppedIn addition to the millions of pallets we manufacture, sort and repair each year, Millwood supplies pallet lumber components and palletized lumber to new pallets and wooden crate manufacturers and used pallet repair facilities across the country.

Millwood supplies truck loads and rail cars of softwood lumber direct from the manufacturer to retail, industrial, box and crate shops and pallet manufacturers.

Our capabilities include:

  • Sawmill Operations: Millwood processes more than 40 million board feet of hardwood and softwood lumber material annually from our sawmills in Apple Creek and Waverly, Ohio as well as Tompkinsville, KY. What's more, Millwood employs lean manufacturing principles in our sawmill operations, including kaizen events that maximize production, reduce waste and deliver continual improvement.
  • Hardwood Lumber: We manufacture mixed hardwood lumber pallet parts cut to size for specific customer applications. We can deliver in full and mixed truckloads.
  • Softwood Lumber: Softwood lumber, Southern Yellow Pine and Spruce Fir Pine, from Millwood is inspected internally and by Timber Products Inspection, an independent, third-party wood products inspection, testing and consulting company. We work with softwood mills certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative whenever warranted by our customers.
  • ISPM 15: We can heat treat pallet lumber to meet ISPM 15 export specifications.
  • Specialty products: Millwood remanufactures pallet lumber to specific dimensions upon customer request.
  • North American Lumber Sourcing Team: Millwood has a team of softwood and hardwood lumber buyers to work with our affiliated mills. If we don't manufacture it, we can source lumber to meet any customer's needs.
  • Nationwide Wooden Shipping Capabilities: In addition to Millwood-owned mills, we work with over 100 affiliated pallet and lumber manufacturing facilities located throughout the U.S. Millwood can support our accounts on a nationwide basis.