Alternative Material Pallets

More Than Wood: composite, metal & plastic pallets are designed and built to overcome the drawbacks of using traditional pallets for the storage and transportation of goods. In addition to new and used wood pallets, Millwood offers a complete line of alternative material pallets for niche applications, including:

  • Metal Pallets: Ideal for closed-loop applications where durability is paramount. Wood pallets have limited lifespans, whereas metal pallets last significantly longer. These aluminum or steel pallets can be used numerous times, whereas a wooden pallet may be used once or twice before being thrown away.
Plastic Pallets
  • Plastic Pallets: Perfect for heavy loaders. Plastic pallets are environmentally friendly. They’re reusable, have longer lifespans, are weather-resistant and reduce wood consumption. Plus, used plastic pallets are made from all recyclable materials!
Alternative Pallets
  • Composite Pallets: These pallets are manufactured from a combination of wood and other materials, including molded blocks. The composite pallet is totally recyclable and reduces landfill disposal fees. The pallet is ISPM15 exempt manufactured from import/export friendly materials. Load handling methods, storage and transportation are all analyzed before offering a recommendation on composite pallets.


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