Specialty Film and Stretch Wrap

Different loads require different packaging solutions. You shouldn’t have to work with multiple vendors to find the right specialty film for each job. More than just a vendor with a one size fits all approach, Millwood is your partner, providing a complete solution for every situation. Whatever your specifications, Millwood will provide the right consumable for your product, equipment, storage and shipping requirements. We combine dynamic customer service with packaging materials in a variety of standard and custom specifications including:

  • VCI – Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor
  • PET Film * Extended Core
  • Narrow Banding Film * Prestretch Film
  • Oriented Film
  • High Slip
  • Anti-Static
  • Netting
  • Color - Opaque & Tints
  • Wide Web
  • UVI – Ultra Violet Inhibitor
  • UVA – Ultra Violet Additive

A Unit Load Approach to Film and Packaging

The best combination requires the right configuration of pallet design and pallet packaging materials to work with your materials handling equipment, protect your product and meet your customers' shipping requirements.

Millwood’s experienced unit load specialists can evaluate your current package and design alternative solutions that will reduce your overall costs, improve the performance, complement the appearance of your load, and reduce waste for a sustainable solution.

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