Turntable Stretch Wrappers

single turntable stretch wrapperTurntable stretch wrapping machines create the most secure, uniform unit loads faster than any manual application method. These automated wrappers minimize waste and provide a good, universal stretch wrapper for a variety of packaging applications.

Millwood does more than just offer a catalog of equipment. We combine our in-house engineering capabilities and industry knowledge to create ideal solutions to match each customer’s unique requirements. Millwood offers two styles of turntable stretch wrapping machines:

  • High Profile - Designed specifically for forklift-loaded applications
  • Low Profile - Designed for pallet jack operations

Complete Line of Semi-Automatic and Automatic Stretch Wrappers

With automatic and semi-automatic stretch wrappers available, Millwood can supply the ideal solution for you. The semi-automatic wrappers offer a balance of easy operation with user control while the fully automatic stretch wrappers require no operator.

  • Semi-Automatic Turntable: For low-volume operations, processing 10 to 40 loads per hour, a semi-automatic stretch wrapper is a potential solution. These wrappers safely unitize loads and lessen the margins for inconsistency.
  • Automatic Turntable: With no operator intervention during the cycle required, automatic stretch wrapping machines ensure a consistent wrap every time. These systems can generally process up to 100 loads an hour.