Sustainable Packaging Solutions

”recycled pallets”,”pallet recycling” With roots in the wood products industry, Millwood has been engineering sustainable packaging solutions by design for more than four decades. Not only is lumber a renewable resource, but we also recycle our wood waste into wood composite materials, biofuels, landscape products and animal bedding to minimize waste.

Millwood's commitment to sustainability does not end with recycling wood pallets. Today, we collaborate with our customers to develop sustainable products and services that further their corporate sustainability initiatives. We recognize the recent corporate push to embrace sustainability; our founder's original commitment to the conservation of our natural resources will always guide our business decisions.

The Millwood Sustainable Packaging Differences

Our recycled pallet programs include green disposal processes that complement corporate sustainability initiatives. With our systems-based approach to unit load design, we can assess a current pallet logistics management program and make recommendations that will reduce the number of new pallets required to replenish the pool and deliver overall savings to our customers.