Corrugated Materials

Corrugate is a sustainable and responsible packaging solution. This lightweight material is used for custom manufactured shipping containers, packaging and pallets.

Millwood can customize corrugate with thousands of possible combinations of board types, including: 

  • flute sizes (caliper) 
  • basis weight 
  • adhesives 
  • treatment and coatings, including flame retardant and static control protection

Millwood can optimize your pallet stacking patterns. We do this by designing a shipping carton that meets your needs while minimizing your costs.

Our vendor-managed inventory programs support the just-in-time delivery of packaging materials, including corrugated, lean manufacturing and distribution operations.

As part of Millwood’s commitment to sustainability, we also offer dock management services to collect and recycle your corrugated packaging.

By combining sustainability with unit load science, Millwood can help you: 

  • reduce the amount of material used to transport your load 
  • maximize the materials that can be recycled
  • minimize what’s going into the landfill