Big Foot Airbags

Bigfoot airbags, shipping airbags, preventing product damage Even if products are properly packaged when they leave the warehouse, they may still be damaged during transport to the customer. Land, sea and air shipments can jostle around fragile, sometimes expensive products and cause unwanted damage.

The key to preventing this outcome is using the proper shipping airbags to secure shipments and stop movement. Bigfoot airbags can provide the most coverage and the most reliable protection by locking loads into place. Some shipments may have large voids, but using bigfoot airbags can fill those voids and prevent damage.

Another feature of bigfoot airbags is their ability to expand when necessary. Because they’re made of flexible vinyl, bigfoot airbags can change their shape depending on the environment. For example, when dealing with mountain shipments that bring changes in altitude, bigfoot airbags can naturally expand and contract. Other benefits of bigfoot airbags include:

  • Strong and Reliable – provides big footprint even in the largest of voids
  • Flexibility – adheres to the product while taking shape to odd configurations without damaging the boxes.
  • Elasticity – these shipping airbags can expand and contract with the change in altitude, virtually eliminating failure in over-the-mountain shipments.

Our company has years of experience delivering high-quality shipping airbags to a variety of customers. Every day, Millwood strives to continually meet the ever-changing needs of our customers by delivering convenient, cost-effective solutions. Whether your business would benefit from bigfoot airbags or another type of shipping airbag, we will work with you to meet your needs.

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