Zebra Airbags 

zebra airbags, shipping airbags, dunnage airbages To keep products in top-notch condition before they reach the customer, it’s important to use the right packaging materials. But what happens if the properly packaged materials are damaged during transport? They become unsaleable and the manufacturer loses money.

That’s where shipping airbags come into play. One type of shipping airbag, zebra airbags, can help prevent unnecessary damage to products during transport. From the moment the products leave the warehouse to the moment they’re loaded off the truck, zebra airbags help keep them in great condition. Not only are zebra airbags reliable, they’re also economical. By reducing load movement during transport, zebra airbags can mean more damage free loads that increase profitability and customer satisfaction. They’re the perfect solution for truck, rail, sea container and ship vessel shipments. Benefits of Zebra Airbags There are many other benefits of zebra airbags. They include:

  • Ease of Use – The patented zebra stripes help to ensure that bag is properly inserted and matches specific void
  • Durability – The double end folds of the airbag seams are glued
  • Cost Effective – Zebra airbags are inexpensive damage prevention, AAR verified and reusable and recycled

Millwood, Inc. has years of experience delivering high-quality shipping airbags to a variety of customers. We strive to continually meet the ever-changing needs of our customers by delivering convenient, cost-effective solutions. Whether your business would benefit from zebra airbags or another type of shipping airbag, we will work with you to meet your needs.

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