Pallet Management Programs

Reduce Packaging and Storage Costs with Pallet Recycling and Pallet Recovery

In addition to new and used pallets, Millwood also offers complete pallet recovery and recycling programs to retrieve, inspect, recover and remanufacture or repair pallets for customers who maintain their own pool of pallets. Our recycled pallet and reconditioned pallet programs include green disposal processes that complement corporate sustainability initiatives.

With our systems-based approach to unit load design, we can assess a current pallet management program and make recommendations that will reduce the number of new pallets required to replenish the pool and deliver overall savings to our customers.

Our pallet management and recovery services include:

  • Reconditioned pallets
  • Remanufactured pallet
  • Removal and disposal of all packing materials, and not just wood products
  • On-site trailers, equipment (including lift trucks and balers) and labor to reduce direct labor, landfill and equipment costs
  • Recycling lumber, nails and other industrial packaging materials
  • Repurposing pallets into yard mulch,playground cover, boiler fuel, pellet fuel and animal bedding 

End-to-End Asset Visibility with PalletView™

Recycled Pallet Management System: PalletViewWith Millwood’s proprietary PalletView asset management system, customers can log into the system through a web-based portal and track how many pallets they have under management, the quantity and sizes of pallets at each location and whether those pallets are being sorted, repaired or are available for delivery. The system can also track where the pallets have been delivered and in what quantities.

PalletView™ not only insures accurate billing and accounting, precise inventory control and asset management, our system also reduces the number of new pallets that need to be purchased every year to replenish the pool. That means maximum cost efficiency for our partners.

A Unit Load Approach to Pallet Recycling and Recovery

At Millwood, our pallet-solution specialists will provide an in-person, on-site analysis and develop a program built for your exacting pallet recovery needs. Using our unit load approach to delivering a complete solution, our specialists will work directly with you, assessing your current pallet management needs and making recommendations intended to increase savings and improve efficiency.

The result is that we can deliver a complete solution, one that helps you save time and money, while also offering any number of ecofriendly advantages, including:

  • Environmentally Friendly Disposal: Our total utilization recovery process includes pallet and nail recycling, lumber recycling and lumber mulching.
  • Total Utilization : Spent pallets and materials that are beyond their usable life are turned into yard mulch, playground cover, boiler fuel, pellet fuel and animal bedding.
  • Reduced Waste: Our pallet recycling programs include green disposal processes that complement corporate sustainability initiatives.