Stringer Pallets

stringer-palletThe most common available and in-use today, these pallets are fully customizable and are easy to repair, reuse and recycle.

You will not find the one-size-fits-all approach commonly found in searches for stringer pallets. We pride ourselves on delivering custom solutions for your exact needs. We use the Pallet Design System from NWPCA and Cape Pack, as well as the load design software from Cape Systems, to design pallets that optimize the performance of our customers' unit loads during shipment.

Full Suite of Products to Complement our Stringer Pallets

With Millwood, you are getting more than just a pallet provider; you are getting a partner committed to helping you find efficiencies in your processes and reach sustainability goals. A few of the products and services we offer to support this commitment include: 

  • Pallet Recycling:  Millwood offers complete pallet recycling programs to retrieve, inspect, recover and remanufacture or repair pallets. Our recycled pallet and recovery programs include green disposal processes that complement corporate sustainability initiatives.
  • PalletView: Our pallet management system helps you get the most from your assets and reduce your supply chain costs. We understand that it's important to know what assets you own, where they are located and their current condition.