Hand Stretch Film


In a low-volume operation, pallet stretch wrap applied manually is a great solution. Hand stretch film is much lighter and easier to wield than machine stretch wrap. It’s still very effective for securing items on a pallet, especially in the hands of someone aware of the proper hand stretch wrap technique.

Use Hand Stretch Wrap When:

  • Pallets are too unstable to transport to a stretch wrapper
  • Operational set-up does not support wrapping in specific locations
  • Variability in package integrity is acceptable to the customer
  • Limited warehouse space
  • Low pallet volume

Two Fabrication Types: Blown or Cast Stretch Film

  • Cast - Created by continuously feeding a polymer through a straight die and usually less expensive than alternatives due to lower production costs. A higher level of film clarity is another advantage to this fabrication.
  • Blown - Fabricated by pumping polymer through a circular die and then inflating it, boasts high load and stretch capacity. Additionally, blown film has a higher tear resistance making it ideal for wrapping loads containing sharp edges and corners

Hand Stretch Wrap Maneuver

Hand stretch wrap can provide excellent package stability with the correct technique. Follow these steps for the best results:

  1. Tie stretch wrap to the pallet (preferably in a corner) to secure.
  2. Create a foundation by walking around the pallet three or more times overlapping the wrap over both the pallet and the load. Make sure the stretch wrap covers the pallet corners.
  3. Work your way up the load making sure to overlap each previous layer by 50%. Pull the stretch wrap taut as you go – it’s meant to be stretched!
  4. At the top of the load, angle the stretch wrap in a way that it pulls the load down towards its center and base. This will minimize the chance of the load shifting in transit.
  5. Now, work your way back down the load overlapping each previous layer by 50%.
  6. Re-wrap the foundation at least two more times once you get to that point.
  7. The stretch wrap will stick to itself. To secure it, cut it from the roll and press it firmly against a previous layer.

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