Millwood Videos: Pallets and Load Handling Systems

If you're eager to learn more about Millwood how we can meet your needs, you've come to the right place. Visit our video collections below to get an insider look at what goes into our solutions, from wood and recycled pallets to loaders, lifters and more.

Pallet Videos

Curious about pallets? At Millwood, we make almost 16 million new and recycled wood and composite material pallets every year! Learn everything you could possibly want to know—including how we process your order, how we make and repair pallets, and what makes Millwood different—from our collection of pallet videos.

Watch here: Millwood Pallet Videos

Load Handling Systems Videos

Whatever your needs, Millwood can create a load handling solution that works for you. Explore our load handling systems videos to watch demos of our products, including loaders, lifters, inverters and more—and find out how we're reinventing unit load technology.

Watch here: Millwood Load Handling System Videos

Unit Load Videos