Stretch Wrapping Machines & Stretch Wrapping Systems

From semi-automatic low profile machines to horizontal wrappers, Millwood offers a complete line of Liberty Technologies branded stretch wrapping machines for every application. Stretch packaging systems are useful for pallet unitizing, which helps to improve sustainability, distribution performance, and organization. Most importantly, this all leads to increased profitability as well.

We offer a variety of stretch wrapping machines to specifically fit the needs of your business. The semi-automatic packagers offer a balance of easy operation with user control while the fully automatic stretch wrappers require no operator. Choose from our reliable selection at Liberty Direct, our ecommerce solution to all your packaging needs.

Turntable Stretch Wrapping Systems

  • Low Profile Turntable Stretch Wrappers - Best for pallet jack operations and designed with the turntable positioned less than 3" from the floor. Using a ramp, pallet jacks can easily place loads.
  • High Profile Turntable Stretch Wrappers - Designed specifically for fork lift applications, these types of wrappers provide easier loading and positioning access because the turntable is elevated. Safer than low profile wrapper, pallets do not drag on the machine frame.

Overhead Stretch Wrapping Systems

  • Overhead Rotary Arm Stretch Wrappers - Designed for unstable pallet loads, these systems make it easy to wrap loads from the floor. With various mounting configurations available (wall, floor or free-standing), this wrapper could be perfect for your atypical load.
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