Overhead Stretch Wrappers

Overhead stretch wrapper, stretch wrapping systems, rotary arm wrappersUtilizing rotating film cartridges to apply stretch film as they move around the load, overhead pallet wrappers are commonly available as semi-automatic and automatic systems. For versatility, this type of mechanized wrapper works well for light, fragile loads and unstable, heavy ones.

More than just a vendor, Millwood provides unit load insight and services you would expect from a partner. We combine in-house engineering and detailed industry knowledge to design and implement the ideal solutions for our customers regardless of their needs. We offer two types of overhead stretch wrappers:

  • Rotary Arm Overhead - With these models, the load is stationary and the rotary arm does the wrapping. For loads too unstable to be rotated, a rotary arm model would be suitable.
  • Rotary Ring Overhead - These wrappers are known to keep loads stationary but utilize a ring-shaped track system to guide the wrapping mechanism instead of an articulated arm. These stretch wrappers are very efficient and can operate constantly.

Complete Line of Semi-Automatic and Automatic Overhead Stretch Wrappers

Millwood has engineered both automatic and semi-automatic stretch wrappers available to meet each of our customers’ unique needs. The semi-automatic wrappers offer a balance of easy operation with user control while the fully automatic stretch wrappers require no operator.

  • Semi-Automatic Overhead: For low-volume operations, processing 10 to 40 loads an hour, a semi-automatic stretch wrapper is a potential solution. These wrappers safely unitize loads and lessen the margins for inconsistency.
  • Automatic Overhead: With no operator intervention during the cycle required, automatic stretch wrapping machines ensure a consistent wrap every time. Loads are typically brought to the machine on a conveyor belt so that the machine can automatically begin wrapping. These systems can generally process up to 100 loads an hour.