Plastic or Steel Strapping and Banding

Pallet strapping, or banding, is used on loads that need strategic security and vertical compression but don’t require protection from dirt. Printed material is often strapped to a pallet, as are building materials like bricks or lumber.

Steel banding is the oldest and highest tensile strength type of strapping material. Steel is best for heavy-duty holding where high strength and minimal stretch are important to load integrity. Plastic banding is a less-expensive material designed for light to medium duty unitizing, palletizing and bundling. Both materials are available in various widths, thicknesses and variations.

The Millwood Difference

With our software tools and systems-based approach to unit load design Millwood can optimize your unit load design to meet your customer service requirements while minimizing your strapping requirements.

We also offer vendor-managed inventory programs to support the just-in-time delivery of packaging materials, including strapping, into lean manufacturing and distribution operations.

And, as part of our commitment to sustainability, we offer dock management services to collect and recycle your metal or plastic strapping materials at the end of their life cycle.