Pipeline Skids

Millwood Natural pipeline skids are specially made to support your equipment and loads at construction work sites. 

Ideal for pipe placement in transportation or storage, Millwood can also customize support cribbing and cants to meet any load requirements. If you work in the oil and gas industry, these pipeline skids will support your pipeline operations.

Produced from Appalachian hardwood lumber, our wood skids come in a variety of customizable sizes to meet the needs of your project and accommodate different pipeline diameters. Its cribbing applications offer long term support under heavy-weight and harsh conditions.

A reliable pipeline solution, the hardwood-based skids are composed of natural, recyclable or renewable components to reduce the environmental impact of oil and gas operations. Elevating pipelines is just one of its uses, though.

Box cribs can provide stability for anything from construction to movie sets to hydraulic shoring. Millwood representatives will work with you to tailor-make hardwood pallet cants for each and every application on your oil and gas work site. We offer new and used wood skids.