Bridge & Crane Mats

Millwood Natural’s bridge and crane mats provide a temporary roadway that protects environmentally sensitive areas, wetlands or even existing asphalt roads for oil and gas work. 

Produced with natural, recyclable or renewable components, our mats are economical solutions to any oil, gas, utility or other construction needs. 

One of our many environmental containment products, these bridge and crane mats are a safeguard for water or soil against pollution and contamination.

Whether you need to create solid footing on an uneven terrain or build a temporary bridge over water, our hardwood mats can get the job done. Offering a quick set up, reliable performance and easy take down, these hardwood lumber products are more than just environmentally sound.

Our mats are only made of the highest-quality hardwood that will last in tough applications and through harsh winter weather. This eliminates the need for continual replacement. The temporary structures are ideal and safe for work on oil and gas fields. By providing access to resources with no permanence and minimal environmental impact, bridge mats can get you where you need to go.

  • Bridge Mats are available in a variety of sizes and offer complete flexibility for your application. Oil and gas workers are always working to decrease their environmental footprint — Millwood Natural dragline bridge products are just the way to do that. 

  • Crane and Digging Mats are used for stabilizing large equipment during operations and ground support for digging and laying pipe. Sizes range for 8”x4’x12’ up to 12”x4’x40'. These mats are offered both new and used, but Millwood Natural can also construct custom crane mats as well. 

Providing consistent, quick customer service and reliable products from the beginning, turn to Millwood Natural for all your oil and gas field solutions.

erosion control products, dragline mats, containment stakes, fencing
erosion control products, dragline mats, containment stakes, fencing, silt socks