Stretch Packaging Systems & Load Handling System Videos

From loaders and lifters to automatic and semi-automatic stretch wrappers, Millwood has the equipment you're looking for to meet the needs of your business. Take a look at the collection of videos on this page to learn more about our solutions and watch demos of our products.

Liberty Lifter

Part of our ergonomic line, our pedal-controlled Liberty Lifter allows the operator to adjust the height of the load to eliminate bending down, which can cause back stress and lead to injury. View a full demo in the video below.

Watch now: Liberty Lifter Demo

Liberty Loader

Able to handle up to 4,5000 pounds, our Liberty Air and Spring Loaders can help prevent workplace injuries by virtually eliminating lifting, bending and stretching. Check out our video to get a look at the Liberty Loader in action.

Watch now: Liberty Loader Demo

Liberty Inverter

Our Liberty Inverter load system offers easy pallet change-out, fork pockets for easy relocation, and effortless damages product replacement. Learn more about this fast, safe and economical solution for rotating pallet loads in our demo video.

Watch now: Liberty Inverter Demo

Series 500 Stretch Wrapper

Introducing the Series 500, our new line of stretch wrappers. Easy to operate and cost effective, the Series 500 offers the perfect balance of easy operation and user control. Watch our demo video to see what the Series 500 can do.

Watch now: Series 500 Demo

Series 700 Stretch Wrapper

Our Liberty Series 700 stretch wrapper is fully automatic and includes a pull cord that gives the forklift operator the ability to power the machine without getting out of the forklift. Take a look at our demo video to see the Series 700 in action.

Watch now: Liberty Series 700 Demo

A New Take on Unit Load Technology

At Millwood, we're reinventing the unit load. Watch the video below to learn how our systems-based approach to unit load design lets us build a better load from the ground up.

Watch now: We're Reinventing Unit Load Technology