EZ-Flo Heat Treat System


Using pressurized hot air treatment, the EZ-Flo can inhibit mold growth for ISPM-15 certification run times resulting in a low cost of treatment of products. 

  • Inhibit mold growth

EZ-Flo's treatment cycle allows the surface moisture to flash dry. The reduced surface moisture will inhibit mold growth.

EZ-Flo has been in operation since 2011 as a proven ISPM-15 solution. EZ-Flo’s pressurized forced-air technology will provide consistent temperatures in all places of your products.

  • Formal testing

Formal testing was conducted by Timber Products Inspection (TPI) and the American Lumber Standards Committee (ALSC) to certify running EZ-Flo in a continuous (flow-thru) mode.

  • Short run times

High temperature along with pressurized air flow in the oven produces short run times resulting in lower treatment costs and higher capacity output compared to other solutions in the industry.

  • Minimal to no degradation

Product after treatment cycles does not exhibit water stains, especially near the bottom of products with minimal to no degradation in structure.

  • Maintenance software

Temperature data loggers and software for maintaining ISPM-15 certification are included with the machine.

  • Reducing storage and lead times

Eliminate fan sheds used to air-dry pallets onsite, reducing storage and lead times.

  • Optional 25' extension

A low-cost option to add a 25’ extension that bolts directly to the heat chamber allowing for increased speed on the conveyor. The system has been able to heat treat 200+ pallets per hour by using this extension under normal conditions. The extension will enable your company to run in-line, increasing production and utilizing lean manufacturing. The extension is totally insulated and painted to match the EZ-Flo system.