Distribution & Order Fulfillment

Millwood Fills Your Orders While You Concentrate On What You Do Best

Millwood Logistics offers a variety of solutions to meet your distribution needs. Our order fulfillment services include case pack, pick and pack, overpack, cross docking and freight consolidation and deconsolidation. Each service is designed to keep your costs down by letting Millwood distribute your products.

Order Fulfillment

Whether you ship in full pallets, mixed pallets, cartons or direct-to-consumer, let Millwood manage the remedial tasks of packaging and order processing. As your third party fulfillment provider, we will handle the physical side of the business which allows you to focus more on marketing efforts and product sourcing.

Case Pack

Millwood has "case pack" capabilities where we can take items from your inventory and create cartons that hold some pre-defined quantity of items, where each item is the exact same as the other. These cases allow for bulk product distribution to places such as retail outlets for further distribution.

Pick and Pack

With our pick and pack capabilities, Millwood is able to disassemble your product shipments, pick the relevant product for each destination and re-package the new package with vendor compliant shipping labels and invoices included.


Through the use of overpacking, we can pack one or more packages into one handling unit for convenient handling and storage. This is just one of the many ways that Millwood can help reduce your inventory and distribution costs.

Cross Docking

Millwood can utilize cross docking to help expedite order fulfillment. This is the process of moving merchandise from the receiving dock to the shipping dock for shipping without placing it first into storage locations. Information regarding the merchandise will be entered into the inventory management system and a transaction for shipping posted within one posting cycle.

Freight Consolidation and Deconsolidation

For customers looking for freight and handling savings and flexible shipments, we can consolidate several small freight shipments into one large, mixed load for economical transport. Or we can deconsolidate large freight shipments into smaller and more frequent deliveries to minimize the amount of inventory on hand.

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