Millwood Pallet Videos

Pallets are at the heart of what we do here at Millwood, and we're happy to take you behind the scenes so you can get a glimpse into what makes us special. Check out the videos below to get a sneak peek into what makes us tick.

Your Pallet, Our Story

Wondering how your pallet order makes it from us to you? Whether you're interested in standard pallets or custom designs, we can spec your needs and deliver a solution that works for you. Take a look at this video to see what happens from the time you contact a Millwood sales person to the moment your order arrives at your location.

Watch now: Pallet Story

Pallet Manufacturing Done Right

From start to finish, pallet manufacturing at Millwood is quite a process. It all begins with stacks of lumber that we re-manufacture into pallet parts. After measuring, cutting and re-sawing, we perform a quality inspection, and parts that make the grade are stacked for use in pallet-making. Any waste lumber and sawdust is then recycled for animal bedding, mulch and biofuel. Watch the video to learn more about how Millwood pallets are made.

Watch now: How Millwood Makes a Pallet

Pallet Repair the Millwood Way

Curious about how Millwood repairs a pallet? After receiving a load of pallets for repair, we sort them by size and start them down the repair line. Any pallets that can't be fixed are disassembled and their lumber salvaged for use in other repairs, or to be recycled into animal bedding and biofuel. Check out this video to see our full repair process from beginning to end and learn how we can help extend the life of your pallets.

Watch now: How Millwood Repairs a Pallet

Experience the Millwood Difference

At Millwood, we don't just manufacture pallets—we provide solutions. From reinventing the unit load to creating custom solutions for every need, Millwood has been in a class of its own for more than 40 years Take a look at our video to learn about the pallet services that set Millwood apart from the rest.

Watch now: What Makes Millwood Different

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