HDX Storage Solutions

storage solutions, racking systems, racking storageSave space, increase throughput and improve safety. Millwood, Inc. understands that storage systems must do more than provide space to warehouse product. In lean manufacturing and fast-moving distribution applications, storage solutions are integral components of production, order fulfillment and shipping processes. We not only store product, they also buffer, stage, sequence and move it. We provide high-density pallet packaging solutions that save space, increase throughput and improve safety. Our unique approach combines:

  • Superior Space Utilization: Deep-lane, flow-through storage optimizes the space utilization of palletized, slip sheet and pallet-less unit loads. Loads are stored in a first in/first out configuration.
  • Dynamic Movement: Movement through the storage system is pneumatically-controlled. Unit loads rest on static rails. Air forced into tubes raises sections of wheel or roller conveyors that make contact with the load. The speed of the movement and the distance traveled is controlled by intermittently raising or lowering the hose at timed intervals controls. Gravity does the rest.
  • Safety: With its unique lock out/tag out feature, this product is the only high-density storage solution that is OSHA compliant for confined spaces.
  • Integration with Automation: The precise, controlled movement of unit loads automated storage and retrieval cranes and robotics for improved throughput and productivity.
  • Flexibility: HDX Storage Solutions can accommodate pallets, slip sheets and loads of varying weights all in the same lane with zero line force

HDX Storage Solutions have been adopted by the food, beverage, electronics, fast-moving consumer goods and automotive industries. This product is ideal for freezer and refrigerated applications.